Have we been looking at health wrong all along! – Prevention is better than cure!

Have we been looking at health wrong all along! – Prevention is better than cure!

Our modern medical system has trained us all to think that if we do not have any pain or symptoms, we must be healthy! Therefore, there is no need to do or change anything! We go see a GP when we start to feel sick or have some sort of pain. They do the relevant tests, find a problem, and prescribe a pill to get rid of the symptoms. What is the problem with that you might think? The reality is that our bodies have an amazing set of inbuilt systems that keep us functioning even if we are not actually healthy. The best example of this is heart disease. Years of bad dietary habits, chronic stress and deconditioning and we find our heart full of plaques. It’s not until we have a heart attack do we see “symptoms”.

Quick fix mindset – the quick easy solution!

Some of us have what is called a “quick fix mindset.” That there are quick and easy fixes to any health problem we may have. Just take a pill, one magic posture pole device etc. Unfortunately, this is totally flawed. Dysfunction in our body takes time and consistency to see a result and improvement and if we want any kind of long-term change, we need to make the necessary lifestyle changes to facilitate this.

Again using our heart disease example, It would be amazing if there was some sort of pill to instantly cure the build up of deadly plaques. That way we could eat whatever we wanted, work like crazy, stressed out and not exercise at all. No worries hey? Problem solved! Does this really sound like a good solution?

Prevention mindset – Avoid getting a problem in the first place!

Working on preventative strategies is essential in achieving the best long-term outcomes. Identifying the true cause of problems and implementing lifestyle changes in strategies will lead to far better health outcomes than patching symptoms. We can’t avoid stressors on our bodies completely and so maintaining yourself keeps you in a far better position to tackle problems when they may arise.

The problem is this solution requires some investment. Making those correct choices daily to implement change will allow your body to function a lot better. Examples may include dietary changes to fuel your body better. Or doing that 30m of exercise daily that you know you should do. Or seeing your chiro or physio for consistent management of old injuries to avoid them snow balling into the symptomatic area we discussed before.

Optimisation mindset – The new way to think!

We could stop at prevention. Implement A B C and you can help avoid symptoms. The issue there is we are still running from problems. Just with a slightly longer term and efficient approach. The best mind set is to think about optimisation. How can I be at my best? With best not being a finite figure, but a journey over one’s life to achieve a level of health, fitness and conditioning that keeps you in an amazing place! Few will ever reach that place due to the investment and consistency it takes. But there is truly something freeing about switching mind set from achieving a goal and switching to a total lifestyle change.

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