How to choose your Chiropractor
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How to choose your Chiropractor

If you have a health issue such as back pain, neck pain, hip pain, sciatica, headaches or any other spinal complaint chiropractic is a great option to help you get back to normal function. Some people may choose to go straight to their GP but generally medical options involve drugs which generally only mask symptoms and come with a whole series of side effects. Surgery is also the other go to medical option, which isn’t guaranteed and involves long recovery periods and can have risks, neither is surgery guaranteed.

Choosing a chiropractor can be an important part of getting relief. At Perth Allied Health Clinic, we see our patients as people, not just a spine on a table. We use best available evidence along with our clinical experience to get the best outcomes. We also focus on improving function. Not just patching symptoms which will leave you on the merry-go-round having ongoing problems.

Here are some considerations for choosing a chiropractor

Is the Chiropractor qualified and where did they study?

Researching your potential chiropractor’s qualifications to find out if they have a proper license is an important. Confirming they are registered with AHPRA and received a qualification is a good start to trusting they have the proper training, skills, and experience to provide you with the right chiro care you need.

Get a recommendation from someone you trust

If someone has had a good result from their chiro, that is a good start. We all generally look for recommendations for everything, whether it be a hairdresser or an electrician. Ask about how they worked, did they care and were they holistic in how they worked, do they take the time to take you through your case and treat with care or do they provide 2 minute consultations with 3 chiro tables in the same room. Look for the something you feel comfortable with.

Ask about the experience

Experience is an important part of the consultation with your chiro. The way a chiropractor treats, and the level of compassion is important to assess when deciding if someone is right for you. Remember the practitioner should care about helping you. Your spine is important and should be cared for in that way.

What techniques are used

There are many different types of chiropractic techniques just like there are different treatment options when you see a physio or your GP. Treatment should always be tailored to your specific needs and selecting a chiropractor proficient in the technique of choice will help have the best outcomes.

What is the fee structure?

Finding out fees is important, so you know what to expect and don’t run into any hidden costs. At Perth Allied Health Clinic our fees are based on the principle that care should be affordable and there is nothing hidden in the fee structure.  Ask administration for a break down of the fees and call your private health fund to discuss how much out of pocket expense there may be. Use the consultation session to ask all the relevant questions that can give you more insight into what may be included in different types of consultations.

If you need to see a chiropractor and come from the local suburbs of Perth, Canning Vale, Cockburn, Willetton, Bull Creek, Leeming, Bateman, Thornlie, Piara Waters, Southern River and Harrisdale and beyond we can help. You won’t be disappointed in the level of care you receive.

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