How does Remedial Massage Help with Posture?

How does Remedial Massage Help with Posture?

To answer the question of whether remedial massage can help with posture we need to look at what ‘good posture’ actually means. Many people would assume that sitting or standing upright and pulling your shoulders back would equate to good posture. These are both good things to do but is it actually helping?  What if you find it difficult to maintain this all day long? If it is difficult it may be due to excessive tension in muscle groups that are pulling and putting strain on other structures.  

One definition of good posture is “the proper alignment when sitting or standing to achieve the least amount of strain or tension on supportive structures”. This means that your posture will vary depending on your current task. Good posture will look different for someone who is sitting compared to someone who is standing and then again for tasks such as mowing the lawn, doing dishes or other daily tasks. Not only this but it will also vary depending on your body structure and your occupation. At Perth Allied Health Clinic our Remedial Massage therapists are trained to assess and evaluate your posture & help you gain better posture.

How Can We Help With Your Posture?

Remedial massage is greatly beneficial for posture correction. In our daily lives most of us are performing similar and repetitive activities. For example, an office worker will usually spend much of the day sitting and typing. Usually, the imbalance is tightened chest muscles which then puts the back muscles under strain. Remedial Massage therapists assess your posture then help by releasing the tightened muscle groups, recommend stretches and exercises for strengthening those weakened muscles. Posture is important as it determines how your body will wear over time and addressing posture will help to prevent injuries, pain, and restricted movement. Remedial Massage will help with muscle related postural issues and help you to make changes that will make it easier for you to perform daily activities and get back to doing the things you love.

How Does Poor Posture Affect You?

The long-term effects of bad postural habits lead to imbalances in the body that can result in pain, dysfunction, and joint degeneration. Let us revisit the office worker who is usually sitting or standing most of the day with arms out front at the keyboard. If they have hunched shoulders the upper back muscles will be weakened and the chest muscles will be tightened. The problems start when you try to perform other activities and hobbies. Poor posture compromises your body and increases the likelihood of injury. The strain of these imbalances then starts affecting other areas such as the neck often causing headaches. Treating these tightened muscles with Remedial massage and following recommendations of stretches and exercises will help you to be more comfortable, provide more muscular stability and help improve your posture.

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