Exercise For Stress Relief
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Exercise For Stress Relief

Here at Perth Allied Health Clinic, our team of health practitioners regularly undertake exercise to help give us amazing health benefits. There are many pros to exercise, but an important one we find is STRESS RELIEF. When you exercise and make it part of your weekly routine, you can be surprised with the results you can get in reducing stress and anxiety. This blog will detail some evidence-based reasons why exercise such as running, walking, yoga and weights could be the answer to help reduce the nagging stresses of life.

1.Improved sleep

Regular exercise improving your sleep has been well known for many years now. More physical activity can help you fall asleep faster and feel less sleepy throughout the day. Better sleep from exercising can help reduce cortisol levels, the hormone most-related to stress. Exercise improves your body’s stress-response, subsequently helping your body manage emotional health better throughout the day.

2.Hormone regulation

Cortisol is the main stress-hormone of the boy. Most of us live with chronically elevated cortisol levels as a result of us experiencing stress and anxiety. High cortisol can cause you to have reduced sleep and even store more fat. Combining exercise with good physical recovery can have an impact on better regulating your body’s cortisol levels.

3.Lower inflammation

Chronic inflammation has been attributed to causing a number of different problems. If you are living with excessive inflammation, research shows that this can increase your stress-response and also the opposite is true, more stress results in higher inflammation in your body. Exercise has been seen to create anti-inflammatory effects in your body and research showed that even 20 minutes of walking can produce a decrease in inflammation.

Exercise as you have read is beneficial in reducing your body’s stress-response. Everyone wants to live with reduced stress levels and the result of this translates far further than what’s right in front of you. For further help or discussion on managing your stress levels exercise, ask one of the team here at Perth Allied Health Clinic.


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