Common misconceptions about Chiropractors

Common misconceptions about Chiropractors

There is a lot of misinformation and stereotyping around the community about chiropractors. I was at a party once and overheard a conversation about back pain. A person had suffered an injury and been seeing a non-chiropractic health professional for care. Unfortunately, the care wasn’t helping after some time and as I listened someone in the group suggested this individual see a chiropractor.

What followed was a series a series of responses about how chiropractors weren’t trained, they didn’t have any qualifications, they only ever hurt people, all they do is crack backs and that getting adjusted is dangerous.

Unfortunately, all of these misconceptions about chiropractors are untrue and so we will attempt to present some facts and clear things up a bit. Here are some of these common mistakes:

Chiropractors don’t have any formal training and are unregulated.

All universities in Australia that have chiropractic degrees require at least 5 years of intense university study to become qualified. This doesn’t include the hundreds of hours of practical experience needed under observation to qualify. The degree itself is very similar to physiotherapy or even medicine in the clinical knowledge that a chiropractor learns. Specialisation in manual and adjusting techniques is focused on for over 4 years. Chiropractors in Australia are registered by AHPRA. The same body that regulates physios, doctors, nurses and other reputable health professions.

Chiro is very Expensive

At Perth Allied Health Clinic, we believe that care should be accessible by all. Our fees are below the industry standard because we want to help people achieve their health goals. Some chiropractors tell people if they don’t come back every week, they will end up in a wheelchair. This is both wrong and unethical. At Perth Allied Health Clinic, we are university trained professionals and will recommend care and management that is evidence based. When compared to other health services like a course of Clinical Pilates, seeing a dentist for routine check-up or even seeing a specialist doctor for a basic assessment, chiro is significantly more affordable.

Chiro is dangerous and hard on the body

There are plenty of YouTube videos of adjustments by chiropractors going around. People get nervous when they think this will be done to them. Care is always tailored to an individual and there are a whole series of different techniques that can be used to alleviate a restriction of the spine. Manual adjusting is only one technique. At Perth Allied Health Clinic, we are trained and regulated chiropractors spending years learning to adjust safely and effectively.

Chiropractors only treat backs

Chiropractors are widely known for treating back pain. This however is not the only thing to see a chiro for. Headache treatment, migraine treatment, hip pain, sciatica as well as neck pain are all commonly seen in clinic. This is because the spine is far more integral to how someone’s body works than people generally realise. If your spine isn’t functioning properly it can have a huge flow on effect.

Chiro is only for adults

Many people worry that chiropractic care is harmful or not useful for children. Chiropractic care is safe and useful for many child-related injuries. Children have spines as well and often have far more physical lives than most adults. Children can benefit from a well-functioning spine.

To conclude, most of our Perth Allied Health Clinic clients understand the benefits and effectiveness of chiropractic. Remember to choose your practitioner rather than the profession. We are dedicated to providing the best clinical outcomes and work in a holistic and evidence-based model to help you achieve all your health goals.

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