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The home of Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Services South of the River in Perth!

Perth Allied Health Clinic

Our team has been hand picked to provide the best care possible!

We want to help you become the best you can be!

Whatever it is that has brought you here, if it is a pain or ache, if you want to be stronger and healthier, or just back to normal we’d love to help you!

Our team of Chiro’s & Physio’s are trained to help. Having all undertaken years of extensive training, and clinical experience, our clinicians have a passion to care for many musculoskeletal complaints.

Low back pain, Neck pain, Headaches and migraines, Shoulder injuries, Knee Injuries, Hip pain, Arthritic pain, Ankle pain and foot problems, Muscle tension, Stress relief, elbow and wrist complaints, postural tension, rib pain, jaw pain, sporting injuries and much more are commonly seen in clinic.

We often just wait for the problem to disappear. It usually doesn’t. Get the help you deserve now. Call us on 0476252599 or book online using the button below!

What to expect

Perth Allied Health Clinic

Visiting a chiro or physio for the first time can be daunting. Unsure of what to expect? Outlined below is a detailed run through of your first few visits with us.

On your Initial consult there is a focus on assessment. It is our job to find out if you are in the right place. We need to know if any further testing will need to be done, whether we are able to manage your care and if you need to be referred to another health professional. Depending on the severity of your complaint, further tests such as X-rays may be ordered (Bulk billed) and if safe, treatment will be given. Remember if we do not know what is going on with you, and a thorough history an assessment hasn’t been done we can’t develop a tailored program for you.

Your second visit is focused on a review of the clinical/diagnostic findings gathered in the initial consult. This will allow us to discuss/explore the specific findings of any tests and clinical assessment performed on your first visit. An initial management plan will be recommended that is tailored to your individual needs. There will also be a comprehensive treatment, which will reflect your treatments over your initial care plan.

Treatments will differ depending on the profession you see and what exactly your complaint is. But whether you see our Chiro or Physio team you will always receive the best clinical care. Treatments will incorporate hands on care, a targeted rehabilitation programs and coaching on lifestyle changes that need to change in order to achieve a result.

Accepting all major health funds